File Delivery

Files can be sent to

To make transferring files simple I accept session folders for Pro Tools, Cubase, and Logic. If you're using a different DAW you'll have to send audio stems of your music. Here are somethings to keep in mind when sending audio stems so there's no confusion when sending files. 

Preparing Your Session

Begin with bypassing any non-essential effects and processors on each track of your session. Most notably, this includes any EQ, Compression, Limiting, Reverbs etc… If an effect is integral to the unique sound of a track (such as many virtual instruments), please feel free to leave the effect ON or send an effect AND clean version of the track.

For guitar tracks, it is usually best for the artist to decide on an amp setting and tone as the guitarist knows the sound they are after; however, you are welcome to send DI tracks as well. DI tracks are especially encouraged for bass guitar tracks. I ask to receive tracks this way to give us the most flexibility in processing the tracks. It can be difficult to undo a pre-effected track which will ultimately limit possibilities later on.

Every song should be in its own session or folder. 1 song means 1 session, 10 songs means 10 sessions. Please do not combine all your songs into one master session. All song folders should go into a single folder with band/artist name and album title. 

File Organization and Labeling

Clearly name each track so there is no confusion of what it is. 

An example: KICK or BD. SN, HIHAT, GTR1, BASS DI, VOCAL or VOX etc. 

Consolidate and Export

Consolidate and export your files. You may need to perform a google search on how to accomplish this within your specific DAW. Some DAWs have the function built-in, while others require a few steps.

At the end of the process, you should the following:

  • A new folder with the newly created contiguous audio files. Each audio file should start from 0:00 and go until the end of the song. There should be no separate regions and each file size should be the same.

  • Track names should match the audio file name.

  • There should be no unnecessary audio files such as partial/alternate takes, midi, session files etc… This will reduce confusion, clutter, and file size drastically.

  • Please ensure that all mono tracks are sent as mono WAV files. Most files will be mono(guitar DIs, individual drum mics, vocal tracks, bass tracks). The only things that are usually stereo files are drum overheads\room mics, certain effects and synth tracks, and anything that was recorded with two mics. 

  • An easy way to check if everything exported correctly is to create a new session yourself and import your new files. If everything lines up and plays as it should, then you are good to send.

  • File format should be at least 16-bit/44.1k WAV or AIFF.

Preparing Your Files

  • Each song folder should be labeled  Artist Name – Song Title – Tempo. If there are any mix notes please put a text file in the song folder that corresponds with the specific song. 

  • Place all folders in a folder titled Artist Name – Album/EP Title. 


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